Monday, May 1, 2017

Motherhood - A Pandora's Box

💕 Motherhood is yesterday's clothing, messy hair and 2 min showers.

💕 Motherhood is yoga pants, v-neck tees and tiny soiled hand prints all over.

💕 Motherhood is a sink full of dishes and a house full of laughter.

💕 Motherhood is realizing laundry is like weed - never stops growing and is frigging everywhere.

💕 Motherhood is a living room looking like a toy-tanic cyclone just hit.

💕 Motherhood is 3AM wake ups and 11PM bedtimes.

💕 Motherhood is loving a coffee reheated atleast 10 times.

💕 Motherhood is surviving on baby-food left overs and stolen scoops of ice-cream tubs.

💕 Motherhood is cooking, cleaning, feeding, washing, tidying and answering the phone/door. All at the same time.

💕 Motherhood is discovering a hidden Lego in the boots AFTER putting them on and taking a careless step. Ouch!

💕 Motherhood is hiding behind a closet door to munch on a chocolate, and pretending how disgusting it tastes when caught red-handed.

💕 Motherhood is the art of tidying the same place a 100 times a day and still failing.

💕 Motherhood is when cooking together in the kitchen and a sharing a glass of wine with your man becomes the definition of an ideal date.

💕 Motherhood is gummy bear bribes and chocolate cake for dinners.

💕 Motherhood is letting the dog clean up the floor.

💕 Motherhood is a messy house, unmade beds and happy hearts.

💕 Motherhood is bruised knees and magical kisses.

💗 Motherhood is promising one is enough..then having two more - Cookies, chocolate, glass of wine, KIDS.

💕 Motherhood is the fear of silence when in the bathroom.

💕 Motherhood is when a trip to the bathroom becomes your me-time.

💕 Motherhood is going from 'Yuck!' to 'Here, wipe it on my shirt.' .

💕 Motherhood is being on-call 24/7 - no pay and no day-offs.

💕 Motherhood is having the whole world in your arms when those little arms hold you tight.

💕 Motherhood is exhausting and refreshing.

💕 Motherhood is the hardest and the happiest hood ever.

💕 Motherhood is loving so hurts.

💕 Motherhood is being loved so hurts.

💗 Motherhood heals.

💕 Motherhood is changing not a thing and doing it all over again..happily!